MANOIR DU CLEUYOU * Privacy and Community

MANOIR DU CLEUYOU * Privacy and Community

Manoir exclusive, 5 units, salons, park

The recognizable defensive tower with its archery holes in the west wing points out the old fortress, which was maybe of strategic importance during the Roman times. In the oldest part of the complex, you can live comfortably. The apartment “Le Fort du Chevalier” has direct access to the park. The expansive park with its old trees is surrounded by natural stone walls and inhabited by a white owl. A small stream leads by the old washing place to the historic mill from the 16th century. A powerful mammoth tree is the centre of w walk through the bamboo grove over the old bridge to the gate for horse riders from the 16th century and to the sunny terrace with a view of the 200 year old English yew.

The property is divided into the main house in the east wing with 4 apartments and an apartment in the west wing. For a dream vacation.

Wohnen im Manoir

Umgebung / Finistère

Manoir de Cleuyou

The castle-like Manoir de Cleuyou, not far from the sea, is a refuge for relaxation and the magic of a historic city with the comfort of today. The salon is a place for good conversations, which were inspired by the “Sainte du Cleuyou”, a painting from the artist Silvia Willkens. The small congress room, the medieval kitchen, the cosy fireplace oven, the covered summer grill and the sun terrace provide for the community in the Manoir. Privacy is provided by the concept of the five spacious apartments with different living rooms, 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and a personal kitchenette. In the east wing you will find the apartment “Le Nid du Marin” with a ship-theme and romantic attic space, “La Suite du Baron” the view of the park and the dreamy castle flowers, the “Dome des Etoiles” lets you see the sky under the towers with its two bedrooms right next to the airy roof apartment “Mansarde de I’Ecrivain”, which makes you have good thoughts.

Travelling by plane and train: The airfield Quimper-Pluguffan can be reached in 10/15 minutes. From here, you can fly to Paris. (Paris Orly, Transfer Charles de Gaulle for all other destinations) A train ride is very comfortable, because the train from Paris rides to the end station in Quimper. From Germany, you can book the private train 'Thales', which uses the normal rail network, however, it is considerably less expensive by an early booking (to Paris). Thales can only be booked online. The Deutsche Bahn does not have this train in their service. Vehicles can also be rented from the airport or train station.

Excursions to the sea are worth it, to the art city of Pont Aven, where also Gaugin lived temporarily, to Locronan with its intact medieval city centre, St. Marine with harbour and bistros on the shore, Benodet, the old spa on the sea, which can be reached with the steam boat (the Odet down to the open sea), Pont Croix on the cape near the picturesque city of Audieren on the sea.

Bretagne Finistere natural: The Finistere has benefits compared to other European costs due to its location at the 'end of the world'. It is an ecological and cultural land and has developed different options in regards to this. The coast region of the nearby Cape Sizun allows for hours of walks in the natural, wild coastal landscape directly by the sea with the adventurous high waves while the moon is changing. The Unesco protected area offers an unforgettable natural experience with small harbours without any direct construction on the coast. The Bretons always protect their own language and have introduced this into their schools as a subject. They are very proud of their wonderful churches and chapels, often from the 15th century, which belong to one of the most beautiful cultures in Europe. In the antique stores you can still find Breton furniture. Market halls and markets with natural products of the land belong to the specific image of Finistere.

City - culture: Quimper: Quimper is rightfully called 'La Ville d'arts et l'Histoire' with its theatres, museums, art halls on the Academie des Beaux Arts, its cafes and chocolate stores. In the Theatre de Cornouaille, there are regular theatre days, along with the ensemble from Pina Bausch. In the historic construction, wonderfully complemented by timeless architecture, there is a comprehensive library. The Musée des Beaux Arts has large exhibitions (for example, Picasso) and a collection of Breton artists. Gaugin lives in Pont Aven. The history in the Musée Breton on the impressive cathedral reaches back to the Celtic times. The music festivals in Quimper, the legendary jazz festival and the concerts in the churches in the nearby Cape Sizun are unique. Plozevet has an annual folk festival du Monde. The Festival du Cornouaille 19.7 - 24.7.2011 is known with a lot of concerts at different locations.

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