In 2008 we spontaneously fell in love with the Manoir, since then it is our baby: Cleuyou Chouchou. In a three-year planning and renovation period, the Manoir was completely renovated and the current Privacy and Community concept was realized. We are an architect and an artist and live alternately in France and Germany. Brittany has fascinated us for 30 years, especially the Finistere. Apart from that we are fascinated by the topic art - economy - transfer. The foundation of IDfactory, Centre for Art Transfer, originally at the Technical University of Dortmund, was the starting point for extensive lecture tours, seminars, conferences and cooperation in Germany and abroad. ( Cleuyou is an ideal starting point to think, to think away and to get a clear head again, to take a deep breath, to communicate or simply to be introverted. According to these needs we developed our room concept. Privacy and Community: live - meet - discover - relax - celebrate...!

It's magic: the spaciousness of the park, the tangible anchoring in history with stones from the 15th century to the Roman era and at the same time the contemporary input of our artist friends, designers and musicians. We love the atmosphere of history meeting the present time. Walls, fireplaces, wood panelling and many finds from a second life develop a continuity with contemporary art that points beyond the present into the future. Silvia Willkens' grandiose portrait of a woman in the salon by the piano acts as a bridge between past and future. The networking of tradition and innovation is constantly experiencing new and surprising variations in Cleuyou with the people, who come here. We appreciate this very much

All this and much more is Cleuyou Chouchou.

If you feel to come here, we are happy to share one of the guest appartements with you.

WERNER PREISSING, LE MANOIR DU CLEUYOU - Die Geschichte eines Bauwerkes in der Basse Bretagne, BoD 2011. - l'Histoire d'un Bâtiment en Basse Bretagne, BoD